2015 Ford Troller T4 price

2015 Ford Troller T4 - front

Instead of a new model Bronco, on the market will show 2015 Ford Troller T4. It will be equally efficient and functional. But a little more modern.

Exterior features for the 2015 Ford Troller T4

2015 Ford Troller represents off-road vehicle with really great features. It is adapted to all conditions and all terrains. The chassis is made of solid steel, and the other can not be expected. At first glance, it seems strong and secure. For Ford Troller T4, there are not really obstacles. On the front there is a big and massive mask with all the necessary accessories. The structure is made of high quality alloy and reinforced. Built in the great and powerful winch, because you never know what kind of problem may arise. Big mask is also an opening for air circulation. It is filled with solid honeycomb, and in the middle is the chrome plate on which is engraved the name of the model. The headlights on the Ford Troller are round and are equipped with quality lighting. Immediately below are set LED fog lights. The hood is strengthened and redesigned. Body will contain two or three doors. All door handles are strong and would not allow that anything unpleasant happens. On the pictures you can see it.

Modern design for 2015 Ford Troller T4 includes plenty of functional and attractive details that are on the exterior. On the roof is a set of antennas and roof rails. The rear of the vehicle and this time will carry a spare tire. Of course you can open the door for loading things. Above the rear window is mounted spoiler with a signal light. Borrowed a lot of stylistic ideas from the model Bronco. The whole body has this time made from fiberhglasa while the dimensions will be slightly changed. What is certain known, is a slightly increased height. Although it is robust vehicle for off-road use, it will still have a modern design, modern lines and good aerodynamics. With the 2015 Ford Troller T4 will be mounted new redesigned alloy wheels in size from 17 inches.

2015 Ford Troller T4 - exterior design

2016 Ford Troller T4 – interior

One part of the cabin Ford Troller T4 was borrowed from other Ford SUVs. This is primarily related to the internal details of the Ford Renger. It is represented quality materials and equipment. We still have not published accurate information about the layout and equipment but will be based on the premise. First of all, are very important comfortable seats upholstered with high quality materials. They have a very important role for comfort when driving be held on uneven terrain. Will it be optional leather upholstery remains to be seen. But what makes 2015 Ford Troller T4 different from other vehicles are waterproof seat. This means easy maintenance. Cabin can accommodate five passengers. But it still have enough room. The entire cabin is further soundproof. Probably by adding the special coating inside the cab or by placing foam sound. The top is nicely designed and quite simple. What is sometimes good. Will be represented touch screen is still not confirmed. The previous model had no such a detail. But times are changing and now demand mainly involves modern details.

Technological details in the Ford Troller T4 are not covered in a big way. But according to some study there were no great need for that. What is important is the presence of USB ports, communication options, hands-free kit, bluetooth, voice commands, airbags, etc.Audio device is superior but it is quite sufficient if you are buying a Ford Troller T4 with a specific purpose. It is connected with 4 speakers quite decent quality. Safety features are numerous and very important for this vehicle. All towing functions directly controlled by the driver without leaving the cab. So if Ford Troller T4 meets all your requirements please do not hesitate. Surely you will be satisfied.

2015 Ford Troller T4 - interior

2016 Ford Troller T4 – engines

2016 Ford Troller T4 should contain a powerful and reliable engine. The engine that will always take you where necessary, to withstand all the efforts and return you home safely. Just like the 3.2-liter Powerstroke engine. It has an output of 197 HP and a torque of 347 lb / ft. Will function together with 6 speed manual transmission. There is a story about turbo diesel engine which could have a capacity of about 185HP and peak torque of 350 lb / ft. The drive is of course on all wheels. All of this is still questionable while the company does not present concrete data.

2015 Ford Troller T4 - engine

What is the release date and price for the 2016 Ford Troller T4?

2015 Ford Troller T4 will be produced in Brazil and should be placed at the end of this year. Even the police and the military of Brazil decided to put it in their ranks. Which means the absolute quality. Basic price should be around $ 46,000.

2015 Ford Troller T4 - release date and price

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