2016 Ford Edge redesign

2016 Ford Edge - front

2016 Ford Edge is a mid-size SUV vehicle that belongs to the American company Ford.It is produced in several levels since 2006 year.

What is the exterior design of the 2016 Ford Edge?

Redesign of the Edge model will primarily include quality materials in construction.It will be produced at C / D global Ford platform, one of the best.The line almost in all borders remains the same but with improved aerodynamics.Styling is modern, attractive and attractive to today’s driver.Large front grille gives a special look to this SUV.LED headlights are limited with the mask and have a trapezoidal form.They are angle and also occupy a portion of the fender.The line of the roof, windscreen, bonnet and roof spoiler is set in an ideal position.Body contains a five-doors, rear-view mirrors in body color and the windows that are framed with chrome garnish.The rear part is a bit bulged out with attractive LED lights arranged horizontally.The tailgate is opened by pressing the button.In the lower part of both sides was placed one chrome exhaust pipe.

2016 Ford Edge - design

What is the interior design of the 2016 Ford Edge?

Interior space of the Ford Edge is very functional and roomy enough for a comfortable ride.The seats are upholstered with quality materials and are adjusted electronically.There is enough space for the legs and for the disposal of smaller objects.The cabin is illuminated with friendly LED lights and ornaments from comfortable materials.In front of the driver’s display with the information necessary to control the vehicle.It is very transparent and in a great amount in relation to the driver.The central part of the cockpit will include a display of 8 inches that will be associated with MyFord system management.Will contribute to the improved performance of 3D navigation, air conditioners, audio systems and all types of connectivity.This part includes a USB port, an audio input for connecting external devices and bluetooth.Much of the system can be controlled by voice commands, but also make calls via hands-free options.Will the passengers in the rear get two displays remains to be seen.

2016 Ford Edge - interior

What is the engine in the 2016 Ford Edge?

For now, the company mentions three engines that can take place under the hood of the 2016 Ford Edge.The first is a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that will be capable of producing an output of 245HP and peak torque of 270lb / ft.Then there is the story of the 2.7-liter V6 EcoBoost engine.Its strength will be marked with 320HP and peak torque of 375lb / ft.For lovers of power in the offer will be a 3.5-liter engine with an output of 265hp and peak torque of 253lb / ft.With all engines should be combined automatic transmission.

2016 Ford Edge - engine

What is the release date and price for the 2016 Ford Edge?

What dates are reserved for the release of Edge model still do not known exactly.It is very likely that this will happen during 2015 year.But there’s no certain promises.This SUV should have a price in the range of 28,000$ to 37,000$.

2016 Ford Edge - price

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