2016 Ford Ranger price

2016 Ford Ranger - front


2016 Ford Ranger is a pickup truck.It is a compact truck whose production was started back in the fifties.It is very suitable for field work.

What is the exterior design of the 2016 Ford Ranger?

2016 Ford Ranger is very pouplaran pickup in America.It has always been known for quality and good features.This time will be slightly redesigned from the present model.But it remains strong, determined, and definitely stylish.Body will be produced with a two-door or extended cabin with four-door.It is possible that the vehicle will be a little easier.Of course, this is accomplished by using lighter materials in the production.It could be about 190 inches long, about 66 inches tall and about 70 inches wide.It should be increased towing capacity and payload capacity.But in spite of that it will be smaller than at the model F-150.According to unofficial data, will be able to pull a load of 3ooo pounds and carry a load of 1,000 pounds.Platform should be shared with the Ford F-150 and it will be made of aluminum and ultra lightweight steel.The front cover will be of chromium while on the side will be built modern headlights with good lighting.On the bumper will be set fog lights.Below the doors are set chrome sills for easy entry into the vehicle.Functional trailer will probably be equipped with electrical outlets and additional mitigation equipment for loading and transfer cargo.The back side is composed of a hard bumper and high quality lights.For now, the wheels are sized 15 inches and whether there will be changes remains to be seen.

2016 Ford Ranger - design

What is the interior of the 2016 Ford Ranger?

The cabin of Ford Ranger should be spacious with comfortable quality seats.As with most of the truck plenty of room will be provided for storage of smaller items.For example, under the seats, on the doors, under the armrest, etc.The rear of the cabin could be equipped with additional outlets for individual devices and special vents.The center console is always good and well planned.What could be found of the equipment is still in doubt.The assumption is that it will be a good navigation system, audio system, phone connector, Compass, USB port, Bluetooth and everything what is now normal for a modern vehicle.All these features should be connected to a large central display.

2016 Ford Ranger - interior

What is the engine in the 2016 Ford Ranger?

There are various stories about the engine that could be found under the hood of the new Ranger.Even thinking about a hybrid model with excellent performance.Fuel economy should be very good but it all depends on engine choice.It is possible to appear and diesel engine of the new generation.Current engine that drives this truck is a 2.3 liter engine with an output of 143hp.

2016 Ford Ranger - engine

What is the release date and price of the 2016 Ford Ranger?

About the exact release date of the new Ranger is still too early to say.But surely it will not be this year or in the first half of next.The exact price is also still unknown but it is assumed that the basic model could cost around 20.000$.

2016 Ford Ranger - price

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3 Responses to 2016 Ford Ranger price

  1. Oscar says:

    Is their an exact date when this vehicle will be avaiable in the United States?

  2. IVAN LEE says:

    I LOVE the direction that FORD is taking it’s truck. The F 150 2.7 Turbo with an Military illuminum body and heavy duty frame that pulls 8,000 pounds and delivers 25 mpg or higher.

    But I wanted them to take it even further ? Why can’t we push into a Truck that can pull 3,000 pounds,have an aluminum body,heavy duty frame and be turbo.I was hoping for a smaller 2.3 litre engine and 35 miles to the gallon for small car like millage……YOU DID IT FORD and now you are the KING with raising gas prices and a small recreational boat pulling family truck.Thanks for pushing the limits to my expectations of were TRUCKS SHOULD GO.

  3. Garth says:

    when this vehicle will available in CANADA ??? …. I don’t like big truck !! , I want small 4×4 truck with 4 cyl and tow 3,000 lb …..

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